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K-12 School Testimonials

The Athenian School

NetEqualizer is one of very few products that lives up to its promise. After initial configuration it simply does manage traffic in defined pools/objects. There is no complex application based rules or management required. It is a fantastic product that makes the life of a school network manager easier.

Matt Binder, Director of Information Systems, The Athenian School

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Miss Hall's School

We have been extremely happy with our NetEqualizer. Gone are the bottlenecks that used to occur when all of our students were on the Internet at the same time. The NetEqualizer handles all of the bandwidth management, keeping our users happy, and has been completely hassle-free for our admins.

Matt Pocock, Director of Technology, Miss Hall's School

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South Orangetown CSD

The units are working well – definitely see a performance increase in our bandwidth optimization. Love the “KISS” ("keep it simple, stupid") principle of bandwidth shaping.

George Brady, Director of Technology, South Orangetown Central School District

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The Lawrenceville School

We've been a NetEqualizer customer for several years and I want you to know how pleased we are with it. Unlike our previous bandwidth management product which required constant tending and updates, the NetEqualizer works exactly as advertised: plug it in and forget it. Our Internet connections run smoothly regardless of the kind or amount of traffic thrown at it. Thanks again!

Mark Costello, Network Engineer, The Lawrenceville School

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Johnson City ISD

Best investment we have made in the last five years. The NetEqualizer is a lifesaver!

Kevin Jacks, Technology Coordinator, Johnson City Independent School District

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The Madeira School

The NetEqualizer was simple to install.  We just made a few configuration changes and it was up and running.  I like that we had to spend very little time to get this inline on our network.  Even more important to us, since putting the NetEqualizer in place, we have had positive feedback that everyone on campus has had better Internet service!  Our campus is happy, which makes us happy.  Thanks NetEqualizer!

Jeff Dayton, Director of Technology, The Madeira School

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West Grand School District

The NetEqualizer is working well for us. As our device count increases, it is helping to keep a handle on would-be bandwidth hogs. Setup was simple, and since it looks at the packet size, not the content, there is no need for any certificates to limit encrypted traffic.

As our student-facing devices increase in number, I anticipate that the NetEqualizer will continue to save us money, by allowing us to effectively utilize the bandwidth we have rather than purchasing more.

Stephen Gale, Director of Technology, West Grand School District

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Peddie School

In response to "Network World Blog missing the boat on Packeteer’s decline in revenue"

Bingo! The Netequalizer not only costs less, it also results in better, flatter utilization of purchased bandwidth - so with it we use more of the bandwidth we paid for. It also saves money because it is a heck of a lot easier to configure and maintain. We had been a Packeteer customer for years and invested not only in the product but significantly in training. When I was faced with a $15K bill for replacing an end-of-life Packeteer device I decided it was time to go another route. I heard about Netequalizer at edAccess (a great peer-to-peer tech conference) and decided to give it a try. It cost me less than 1/5 of what it would have cost me to replace my end of life Packeteer.

It literally took me less than one day to know everything I needed to know about the product. Furthermore, during the first year I only had to tweak my initial setup twice. All this, and my results were far BETTER than I had with the Packeteer. Even with constant tweaking, the Packeteer was often too restrictive during off peak times preventing my users from using bandwidth that we paid for and was available. My network utilization is now way up and much flatter.

An unanticipated benefit to this is that it has encouraged good behavior in that my users know it is best to save high bandwidth traffic for off hours.

Tom Phelan, Director of Technology, Peddie School

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The Gunnery

I administer the network at The Gunnery – a 9-12 boarding school. Despite having a packetshaper in play (which did help things when we first put it in), users were having a very poor web experience. Because it (the NetEqualizer) was so inexpensive (at least compared to other solutions), and I had heard some good things, I decided to try it. Also, unlike many other products, I didn't have to license it per user or per device. Very simple.

NetEqualizer was incredibly easy to setup and worked as expected right out of the box – all I had to do was give it an IP address and tell it our bandwidth. Users noticed the difference immediately. Within days, the kids had figured out that if they 'hog' the bandwidth, things will go slow for them – works like a charm.

Unlike many gateway products we have tried, it doesn't interfere with other products or authentication. It has some very interesting advanced features, and the support people were great about explaining what they could do, but I am loath to adjust anything as our user experience has improved so much by just using the default settings. Low cost, easy to use, very effective: one of my better purchases.

BJ Daniels, Director of Technology, The Gunnery

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