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We solve network congestion issues.

Low-cost bandwidth shaping solutions

NetEqualizer 3000 Series "Workhorse"

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NetEqualizer 4000 Series "Heavy-Duty"

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NetEqualizer 5000 Series "Powerhouse"

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We are different. And better.

Bandwidth Shaping at its best.

  • Our algorithms stand the test of time, and are CloudReady.
  • Our traffic shaping appliances use our unique behavior-based Equalizing fairness algorithms to shape both your inbound and outbound traffic.
  • We automate bandwidth management (aka traffic shaping, packet shaping) for your network.
  • Immediately you will see higher QoS and optimal network performance, all while reducing maintenance and customer complaints.
See for Yourself

"...The NetEqualizer has been a great solution because it is extremely easy to maintain, and – when needed – it just works!"

Derek Lustig
Hobart and Willam Smith Colleges

What is Equalizing?

Equalizing is the art form of looking at the usage patterns or traffic "behaviors" on the network,and then when things get congested, robbing from the rich (bandwidth hogs) to give to the poor.

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NetEqualizer is your worldwide leader
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Founded in 2003, we are deployed in over 4,000 installations in 50+ countries across six continents.